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Swami Rendsanotsa

First Ran
The Sands are a Changing 07/09/01 The Jon Peddie Associates put out on the dunes a promising industry report, 3D on the Web, which, according to them, "examines the expanding market for technologies that bring 3D graphics to the Web." Before going farther however, I must remind you that for every study that says things are getting better, I can find you another study that says the opposite. Take everything you read with a grain of sand.
Notes on the Wind 06/25/01 Can Alias|Wavefront beat Softimage's renders? Will MetaCreation's prodigal products survive? This and more inside.
Tis the Season 06/12/01 Greetings one and all. It's time for the Swami to be honest with you. Beyond the fact that the Swami has decided to act like the Rock and talk about himself in the third person, the Swami has to admit, he feels old.
Off to Work We Go 05/21/01 If you watch the news, you know how everyone seems to be tolling the death knell for high tech jobs due to the decline of the dot-com. Does this mean 3D is on its way out and you should learn to say, would you like fries with that?